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Prices mentioned below reflect Australia Post's charges as of July 2009.

   All shipments are made via Australia Post. Within Australia shipping is regular Parcel Post. Shipping to countries other than Australia is by Air Mail. Please contact us for a quote if faster delivery by courier or express mail is desired.

   Shipping and handling costs are not included in prices but are calculated and displayed on the order form after customers select the country to which the order is to be sent .

   The weight of CDs depends on the style of jewel case and the size of booklets. Our order-taking software uses an average weight which when more than one CD is ordered can sometimes err a little on the heavy side, causing the shipping cost appearing on the Checkout page to be higher than it should be. We do not process credit card transactions until orders are ready for despatch, at which time it is our policy to weigh the order and recalculate the shipping cost and charge either that price or the price which was quoted on the Checkout form, whichever is the lesser. We never charge more than the price quoted when the order was placed except where further titles have been added or some other circumstance has occurred which has been brought to the attention of the customer.

   Single DVDs are charged at the "Up to 249g" rate.

Delivery Insurance

   In recent years it has been our pleasant experience to see steady improvement in the reliability of international postal delivery services. Recent surveys reveal that 99.97% of all our orders reach their shipping addresses in 90 countries, because of which we ceased offering delivery insurance as an option as of March 2008, though exceptionally we will consider requests for this where the value of an order is very large. Not many customers requested this option, so few will miss it. Please be aware that all orders are accepted on the understanding that we accept no responsibility for deliveries beyond ensuring that they are addressed correctly and itemised in a log of all orders handed to Australia Post. But given the percentage of successful deliveries quoted above the risk you accept is very small.

Orders for delivery in Australia

   The following table is a guide to charges (to which GST will be added) for postage and packaging to destinations in Australia.

Within Australia Australia Post
Weights in grams. A single CD is approx. 130 g. when packed One CD Up to
249 g
250 g
499 g
500 g
999 g
1000 g
1999 g
2000 g
2999 g
3000 g
3999 g
4000 g
4999 g
5000 g
5999 g
 Shipping Australia-wide (excluding GST) $3.60 $5.60 $6.95 $14.05 $17.95 $21.85 $25.75 $29.65 $33.55

Orders for countries other than Australia

   The following table is a guide to charges for air mail postage to destinations beyond Australia. All prices are in Australian dollars (AU$) and include packaging.

Country Australia Post Air Mail
Weights in grams. A single CD is approx. 130 g. when packed One CD Up to
249 g
250 g
499 g
500 g
749 g
750 g
999 g
1 kg
1.24 kg
1.25 kg
1.49 kg
1.5 kg
1.74 kg
1.75 kg
1.99 kg
Ea. addl.
or part
New Zealand $5.60 $7.95 $14.55 $22.25 $28.85 $36.55 $43.15 $49.75 $56.35 $6.80
Samoa and most western Pacific islands, most South and East Asia countries including China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore $5.90 $9.05 $16.75 $25.55 $33.25 $42.05 $49.75 $57.45 $65.15 $7.85
Canada, USA and some Middle-East countries $8.10 $10.15 $17.95 $26.85 $34.65 $43.55 $51.35 $59.15 $66.95 $10.05
UK and most European countries $8.10 $11.80 $22.25 $33.80 $44.25 $55.80 $66.25 $76.70 $87.15 $13.35

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