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Quick search

   Use this box to find something simple and distinctive like the name of an artist or composer.

Note: If your search is more complex use the Advanced search page or if it is for a CD or DVD number use the Cat. No. search page.

Search for   
   For example, entering Richard Mills would produce a modest-sized list of CDs on which this Australian composer's music is performed or where he conducts. However, were you to enter his name to try this out, you might be surprised to see Duo Lenz' CD Illusie among the early titles in the search results page although there is no mention of Richard Mills against 'Composers'.

   So did the search fail?

  The Quick Search box above left may not be the best way to search for particular works such as "Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1" because the works are not described like that in our catalogue, but usually something like this:




Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23
Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso - Allegro con
Andantino semplice - Prestissimo - Tempo I
Allegro con fuoco

  To find this, we need to divide the search string into pieces.

  For this example, in the panel below you would put "Tchaikovsky" in the panel under "Search for these words or expression:" and "Piano Concerto No. 1" in the panel under "and (optionally) also for:".

  "Match any of these words" would do for the first panel headed "...observing this instruction:" but you should select "Match this complete expression" for the second panel headed "...observing this instruction:".

  Note: Our catalogue uses full points ( "." ) after "No." and "Op." so please be sure to include them in your search entries.

  The search results displayed after you click the Search button will contain every title in our catalogue with details matching your search command as well as some entries that have matched the search instructions but are not exactly what you are looking for.

Search for these words or expression:

...observing this instruction:

and (optionally) also for:

...observing this instruction:

Additional search facilities can be found on our
Advanced search page.

   No. It worked. The search routine lists every title it finds where all of the words entered are found somewhere in the title's details, and in the case of Illusie 'Richard' found a match with the 'Richard' in 'Richard Lenz' and 'Mills' with the 'Mills' in the name 'John Mills' in the CD's description which you can see if you display its full details.

   What we need to do is search for the entire name rather than for its component parts, and to do this we need to enter a quotation mark before the first name and after the second, like this:
"Richard Mills"

   We can use either single quote marks - ' - or double quote marks - " - as long as we use the same symbol before and after the name or group of words for which we are searching. If there is a quote mark in the group of words we are seeking, such as the ' in Richard's, then we should enclose the words with the other quote mark - in this case ".

   With a little careful thought and some practice, you will find that this search facility provides a quick and easy way to find most things. However, it is not a good place to enter something less specific, such as Richard, because a much bigger list of CDs where anyone called Richard features as artist, composer or conductor, or even somewhere in the description, will result. For that sort of search you would be better off using the next facility.

Advanced search

   The Advanced search link under the Search button at the top of the left-column menu opens a page where you can refine your search through multiple entry boxes in conjunction with other selection options such as price, number of discs, category etc. See the description beneath the entry area on the Advance Search page for more details.

Australian/NZ Artists

   This option, under the Specific searches menu heading, displays a list of Australian and New Zealand classical music artists, each of whose names provides a one-click search command for CDs on which they are featured.

Australian/NZ Composers

   Similar to the above, this option displays a list of Australian and New Zealand classical music composers, each of whose names provides a one-click search command for CDs featuring one or more of their works.

Browse by Category

   This option provides a way of limiting titles to one of many categories or genre, across all labels.

Browse by Instrument

   This option provides a list of instruments, each of which is a one-click search command for CDs on which there are one or more works in which that instrument is featured significantly.


   Search results are displayed as lists of abbreviated details including the CD Title, Label, Catalog No. and Price. Each Title is a link which can be clicked to display the page within Buywell containing its full details and cover image.

   Results pages show abbreviated details of up to ten CDs at a time, with a horizontal menu at the top and bottom of the page to display further pages of ten matches.

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