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 Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Orders placed by Australians or despatched to addresses in Australia

   A 10% GST is applicable for sales to Australian customers or for delivery to addresses in Australia and will be added to the price of CDs and of Shipping & Handling (and Insurance if selected) at checkout.

Orders despatched to addresses other than Australia

   GST does not apply to orders placed by overseas customers for delivery to addresses outside Australia, for whom prices charged will be those shown in the catalogue.


  Sometimes, visitors arrive on this page when searching for 'GST' rather than for Buywell. Should that have happened to you, do take a look around our site, or bookmark it and return later.

  Buywell supplies classical music CDs and DVDs to customers worldwide. Our web site contains the complete catalogues of the major Australian classical CD publishers as well as titles in the catalogues of many international classical CD publishers.

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