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Finding information in Buywell's catalogue

Finding something quickly

     Your first visit to Buywell may have been because our name came up when you entered a particular piece of music or recording in a search engine. To find it quickly, use one of the three search options under the heading General searches, each of which has its own page explaining how the search option works.

Finding what's new

     As an Australian web site, Buywell gives prominence to local classical releases by providing one-click menu options to list the full catalogues of each of the main Australian and New Zealand classical label and series publishers under the heading Australian / NZ Labels. Below the list of labels, the option Recent additions lists titles added lately with the most recently-added ones appearing at the top of the list.

     For labels other than those of Australian and New Zealand publishers, there is a similar one-click menu optiion Recent additions under the heading International Labels.

Specific searches

     The two options under this heading focus on Australian and New Zealand content, providing lists of clickable names. To search for titles featuring other artists or the music of other composers, use the Quick search or Advance search options under General searches.

Specific browses

     The first option under Specific browses - Series & collections - provides a menu of well-known CD series, clicking any entry of which will generate a list of titles in the series. The second option - Artist collections - bahaves similarly.

     DVDs and SACDs appear with CDs in all listings, but these options enable you to browse only titles published in one or other of these formats.

     The two options Browse by Category and Browse by Instrument display pages with clickable links which enable lists of titles to be confined to particular tastes.

     For the young is a special page enabling titles to be browsed which suit the developing classical music tastes of children and teenagers in particular.


     The four options under this menu heading, read in conjunction with the F.A.Q. option on the horizontal menu at each page head, provide information about various aspects of Buywell's operations and customer service.

Title tracking

     If you have browsed through Buywell's catalogue for some time it can be quite frustrating trying to find a title you looked at a while ago. The Title tracking facility helps remedy this difficulty.

     Title tracking is "ON" when you first arrive at Buywell. You will see  Title tracking is ON  Turn OFF  on the top horizontal menu bar. While "ON", every CD or DVD whose page you view is noted. On leaving the first such page the menu bar will change to look like this:

 Title tracking is ON  Turn OFF  LIST  Clear 

(Well, actually, that's not true right now. For known reasons, the history of titles viewed is not updated until you have moved to somewhere else on Buywell's site. As a work-around, click your browser's "Refresh" or "Reload current page" button. Meanwhile, we're working on a fix...)

     Clicking  List  will display a page similar to a search results page with entries confined to those you have visited while title tracking was turned "ON". You may return to any of the individual titles' pages by clicking their image or title. You can add a title to your shopping cart by clicking the "BUY NOW" button or if you wish you may add all of the titles in the list to your shopping cart by clicking either of the "Buy all titles listed" buttons at the top and bottom of the list.

Important note: Be sure to check the details in your shopping cart carefully. If you find you have inadvertently clicked something twice, just reduce the number in the Quantity box of the title's entry in the shopping cart or if there are two entries, tick the "Remove" checkbox to get rid of one of them.

     Should you wish to browse without having the pages visited recorded, click  Turn OFF . Details of titles already visited and recorded will be retained so that if you click  Turn ON  later on title pages visited from then on will be added to the earlier list.

     You can clear the saved list at any time by clicking  Clear .

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