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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Buywell accept payments other than by credit card?

   Yes. As a general rule, Buywell accepts payment by personal cheques drawn on Australian bank accounts for orders placed by Australian residents. For international orders, we will accept payment by International Money Order drawn in Australian dollars. Our acceptance of such cheques and money orders is subject to prior agreement through the exchange of emails or by phone, at which time we will discuss other relevant details. Our preference though is to accept payment by credit card.
   Should you not wish to make your purchase by credit card please contact us giving details of the titles you would like to purchase.  [Top]

Will Buywell handle my credit card details securely?

   Yes, absolutely. Click here to learn how this is achieved.  [Top]

Will I get a message confirming receipt of my order?

   Yes, you will receive a formal acknowledgement which will list the titles and quantities of CDs you have ordered and show the address to which they will be despatched as interpreted from your order and shown in our records.
   Should you not receive this formal acknowledgement within 24 hours of placing your order, please send us an email quoting the order number that you were given when you placed the order, because there may be a reason why you have not received the acknowledgement. (see below).  [Top]

Will you tell me when my order is despatched?

   Yes. A formal notice of despatch will be sent by email.  [Top]

When will I be charged?

   Not until your order is ready to post.  [Top]

Can I insure delivery of my order?

   Recent surveys reveal that 99.97% of all our orders reach their shipping addresses in 90 countries, because of which we ceased offering delivery insurance as an option as of March 2008, though exceptionally we will consider requests for this where the value of an order is very large.  [Top]

How can I help ensure my order arrives safely?

   If you felt such a step were necessary and that it would help, soon after you receive our message advising you that your order has been despatched you could notify your local postal authority that
you are expecting delivery of the order. There will be a label on the package looking like the example at right.
   In most cases, addresses are printed, as in this example, but a few are sent with the addresses handwritten.  [Top]

Will you ensure my order arrives in perfect condition?

   We do our very best to ensure that and we have a huge file of messages from customers saying how much they appreciate the care taken in packing their orders and how well our service compares with that of other international retailers.
   But in the end it all depends on the care taken by postal authorities, which is something beyond our control.
   If a mail bag is badly handled or if heavy weights are thrown on top of it then packages are likely to be damaged no matter how carefully they have been packed and if we strengthened packaging to withstand such mistreatment should it occur then the shipping cost would increase substantially due to the weight of extra reinforcement. With the majority of orders reaching their destination safely, we feel the best compromise is to provide good, lightweight packaging so that should some damage occur to brittle jewel cases, the cost to the customer of replacing those jewel cases is less than the extra shipping cost if we had attempted to pack the order so that it could withstand severe impacts.  [Top]

Why haven't I received a message confirming receipt of my order?

   If you do not receive an email formally acknowledging your order (see above) within 24 hours you should send an email to quoting your order number. We may not have been able to get an email through to you for one of several reasons, such as:
  • you mis-spelt your email address on your order form
  • your mailbox is full and your ISP is declining to accept any more messages until you empty it
  • your ISP may be running anti-spam software that doesn't recognise our ISP's address and mistakenly blocks our messages
  • you may be using spam-blocking software or a service which mistakenly blocks our messages or intentionally blocks them and asks us to send a response verifying that we are who we say we are. If the latter, our policy is not to send any such verifications because of the possibility of such requests being fraudulent, so unless you do something yourself to advise your spam filterer to admit our messages you are likely never to receive any emails from us. Our view is that it is safer for everyone if computer users install one of the many readily-available virus- and spam-protection programmes on their own computers so as to assume that responsibility themselves rather than invite others to accept possible risks on their behalf.
   If you continue not to hear from us, try sending a message to asking why you haven't received an acknowledgement - if you entered your email address incorrectly when placing your order, we will then be able to determine your correct email address from your message. If you receive no answer, change the settings of any spam-filtering software you are using (or ask your ISP to change their settings) to accept messages from Buywell.  [Top]

I've received my order... why are some CDs not wrapped?

   The lack of a cellophane wrapping does not mean that a CD is not new. To avoid theft, many Australian CD stores remove CDs from jewel cases and store them behind the counter, placing just the empty jewel cases in display racks. ABC Classics is one of a number of CD publishers who supply their CDs unwrapped because a majority of CD retailers across Australian have expressed a preference for this.  [Top]

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