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Advanced Search
Search for these words or expression: Match Case

   (optional) and also for:
Change the default entries in the optional settings below only if you need to further limit the search results.
Prices (AU $):

No. discs:
Published in Australia / New Zealand or Internationally:

   There is no reason to be hesitant about experimenting with this Advanced Search facility. If you enter something that doesn't make sense to the programme, probably the worst that will happen is that either nothing or everything will be listed!

   Here is an explanation of how the various options work.

Search for these words or expression

   Enter one or more things here, such as composer or artist names, work titles etc. You can just enter tchaikovsky rather than Tchaikovsky if you like as the default settings will find a match regardless of the "t". But if upper and lower case are important for your search, click the checkbox under Match Case to ensure that only entries with identical case condition are regarded as matches.

   By default, with Match any of these words selected in the option box alongside, the search will display all entries in which any one of the words you enter is found. But if you pick Must match ALL of these words then only entries in which all of the words you have entered appear somewhere will be displayed.
   Choosing Match this complete expression is like putting quote marks (") around several words in Google and will display only those entries in which the words you have entered are found following one another just as you have entered them.

(optional) and also for

   Entries made here are treated exactly like the ones in the entry box immediately above it, except that if something has been entered in the box above, then only those titles which match what you have specified in both boxes will be displayed. If you are familiar with search engines, if there are entries in both these boxes, then only matches found for the first box AND matches also found for the second box will be displayed.

   If you wish to specify only one set of entries you may put them in either box and achieve similar results.


   Use this pick list to confine the results of a search to one or more categories of music. It is a multi-select list, so if you hold down the "control" key on your keyboard you can tap and select more than one category at a time. You can use this option on its own, to display all entries belonging to that category, or in conjunction with other options to further refine results lists.

Prices, Medium and No. Discs

   Each of these options work on their own or in conjunction with entries you place in either of the two search boxes.

Published in Australia / New Zealand or Internationally

   This option works on its own or in conjunction with other options you choose to use to confine results to titles published on Australian and New Zealand labels or on International labels.

An example

   If you wished to see a list of CDs with any of Beethoven's piano sonatas, you might think of entering Beethoven: Piano Sonatas in the first box and clicking the search button. But this would produce a list of many hundreds of titles, each of which would contain one or more of these words and with works by a great many composers. Changing the option "Match any of these words" to "Match this complete expression" would target Beethoven's piano sonatas specifically, but a little too specifically because there would not be many exact matches - probably just one or two.

   A better technique would be to put just "Beethoven" in the top entry box and leave the selection to "Match any of these words", then "piano sonata" in the second box, changing its option to "Match this complete expression". This would give a well-focused list in which each title would have at least one work by Beethoven and at least one piano sonata. There might be one or two with something by Beethoven and a piano sonata by someone else, but the list will nevertheless have targetted probably every title on which there is a Beethoven piano sonata. Note the singular "sonata" rather than plural "sonatas", which would find many less matches.

   A search like this can be norrowed further by selecting any of the other options such as Prices or Published in Australia / New Zealand or Internationally additionally.

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